The Perfect Pitch FOUNDER MEMBER LAUNCH is officially OPEN!

There are 2 elements to the Founder Member Launch:

  • The Membership program:
    • Weekly “Practice Your Pitch” Sessions (60 min group sessions where you have the opportunity to practice your pitch).
      These are held from 16h00 – 17h00 Sydney time each Monday via Zoom
    • “Get Your Pitch Fix Workshops” (5 per year where you have the opportunity to Learn, Grow and Connect)
    • Access to the members-only Facebook Group where you have the opportunity to share ideas, connect and collaborate with other like-minded business owners.
  • The online “Perfect Pitch Program”:
    • This is an online program made up of 8 modules, 49 lessons, all packed with TIPS, TOOLS and TECHNIQUES to apply when creating Your Perfect Pitch.
      You can access this anywhere, anytime, so long as you have access to the internet! This enables you to work through the program at YOUR pace!
    • The Perfect Pitch Program touches on areas that can be used outside of the sphere of “Pitching”. It is filled with ideas that you can use in marketing, presentations, and networking environments!

By signing up as a Founding Member, you will enjoy huge benefits!

  • The Founder Member price will never increase. As long as you remain a member, this is the price you will pay! No more!! Not ever!
  • You will have full access to the online “Perfect Pitch Program”.
  • You will enjoy the membership benefits which include “The Practice Your Pitch” Sessions, Access to the “Get Your Pitch Fix Workshops”, and of course access to the “Members Only Perfect Pitch Facebook Page”.

What’s next?
If you are ready to connect and collaborate with other like-minded business owners…..

If you are ready to learn, grow and connect …….

If you are wanting to have fun whilst learning, improving your skills and taking your business to the next level ……….

then NOW is the time to join The Perfect Pitch Program as a Founder Member

What are the costs involved?
The Perfect Pitch membership and Perfect Pitch Program is valued at $4797 per year

Founder Member Launch Offering:  Less 66.7%
Initial 12-month membership. Should you wish to extend your membership your prices will remain the same!

  • Once off annual payment: AUD$1597 per year

If you are ready to take your pitch from ordinary to extraordinary then NOW is the time to sign up as a Founding Member. Let me know and I will get you “onboarded” right away!

Let me know which payment offering you would like to take and I will get that through to you right away!