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Sarah Bauling
Business Communication Strategist


Sarah is a professional speaker, trainer and
author who works with individuals and companies.

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Having been in the hospitality industry since 1998 Sarah has lived and breathed all aspects of business. Her areas of passion are customer service, events and sales and marketing. Her focus and intent to always achieve success in these areas has resulted in many hours and years of learning and experience. She knows how impactful these segments are in any business.
Sarah has consolidated her experience and areas of passion to create focussed training and keynote deliveries that she shares with customers, her students and the stage. She is authentic, real and passionate. She inspires her audiences and customers to shift their thinking and the way they do things resulting in impactful changes.



Many people lack confidence when standing in front of an audience. Be it presenting at a management meeting or delivering training to your team.

Service Skills

Sarah has various keynote presentations which can be personalized and tailored to suit your audience and objectives.

the Author

Sarah’s first book “Loyal, Raving Fans” contains 27 customer service gems that you can practice today and every day in your business, no matter how large or small.

the MC

If you are looking for an MC that is vibrant, fun, able to keep the programme on track as well as show case your special event then Sarah Bauling is the MC for you!