Creating a Customer Service Culture

Whether you run a corporate company, a small business, or a franchise, “Creating a Customer Service Culture” is an absolute “must listen to” keynote delivery.

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Customers will always have an expectation of service and product – probably more so when it comes to franchised groups.
The differentiating factor between you and your closest competitors often boils down to Customer Service.

Having been in the Hospitality industry since 1998 Sarah is passionate
about giving and receiving exceptional customer service.

She has used these techniques in all of her business endeavours and has enjoyed the successes as a result!

In this high energy presentation Sarah will draw on real life experiences and scenarios that most people are familiar with and can relate to and will illustrate:

  • That customers and potential customers have certain expectations in terms of product and delivery.

  • That the opportunities exist for one to create customer service expectations that will get customers signed up, retained and most importantly get them referring others!

  • That Customer Service will ultimately increase turnover and profit.

By using simple yet effective techniques which can be implemented immediately you will leave with:

  • Ideas on how to create a community of non-buyers through blogs who can ultimately become buyers – i.e. creating credibility and weight so when folk are ready to buy you are top of mind.

  • Opportunities to give current clients exposure and added value.

  • Understanding the power of talking to customers.

  • Realising why we don’t respond as quickly to clients as we should, and the results if we do!

  • The power of understanding conversions and how to increase them. (Test, Measure and Manage)

  • The value of cross selling and maximising current customers’ experience.

  • Being aware of complacency and how much this could cost you if you are.

  • Genuinely caring about your customers and the knock-on effect this can have.

Sarah’s’ ultimate goal is to share ideas and inspire her audience to make small changes in Customer Service that ultimately increase sales and profitability.
Length: 45 – 60 minutes