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Sarah has the privilege of working with many amazing clients, see what they have to say!


Cherie Hunt

When Sarah offered the opportunity to learn how to present the Perfect Elevator Pitch I wanted in. I had no idea what I was in for! Sarah gave an excellent presentation of the elements of the pitch and I wondered what else there could be to learn. Wow! We learned so much more about how to make the most of that 20-30 second focus of power! Thank you so much Sarah! I’m so very grateful for your expertise, support and encouragement! Pure, potent, powerful words in 30 seconds! Just like essential oils!

The Raindrop Room – Essential oils

Terry Carter

The Perfect Pitch coaching course is a Practical, Informative and Enjoyable course to Develop and Deliver a pitch for any occasion. Delivered by Sarah with a Passion for getting her attendees to deliver their best.



Mr. Johnson

Thank you so much for offering up your time for the JAMMS event, your presentation was awesome, so proud of what you have achieved.
Hope our members are inspired to get you involved with their teams.

JAMMS Meeting – The Magic of Customer Service

Shaun Hook

Thank you for taking the time out and speaking with our students. It was a blessing to have you share your amazing testimony with us. The students thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and have a much clearer view on customer service now, as do I. Coming from a high level of customer service, I was astonished by your knowledge and expertise and how much we actually do not consider vital aspects of servicing our customers. Simple things that you brought up to keep in mind when dealing with a customer, will surely give the students and me a breakthrough in our careers. Thank you once again for your time and energy that you invested in the group. We really do appreciate it.

Travel Learning Centre – The Magic of Customer Service

Adele Elasto

Wow is all I can say!!!!!! Sarah is the true definition of a strong, exciting woman. She was our guest speaker for our woman’s day lunch and she just made it the best ever. Sarah taught us of the “Magic of Customer Service” in business and all that involves being Exceptional in life. When she gave us her testimony of survival in 2007 it all opened a whole new world in my own little world, I have learned to love and value people. Thank you Sarah for the strength you have bestowed in me personally. May you carry on and allow God to take you places for He has called you to help the broken hearted and the helpless souls.

Mapangubwe Hotel – Womens Day – The Magic of Customer Service


Jaco Steyn-Venter

Thank you so much for your amazing presence as MC for the evening.Our guests are still speaking about how amazing you were!.Your efforts toward making the evening and auction a huge success are highly appreciated!

GM Faircity Quatermain Hotel – Quatermain Hotel (MC) – Reach for a Dream

Janine Carley

As every event organiser knows an MC can make or break a function. Hiring Sarah is one less stress to think about. She is not only a true professional and highly polished MC but has the ability to ‘read’ the event mood and deliver exactly what is required; be it chivvying people into the correct position, giving a thoughtful well prepared introduction or buoying up a lack lustre mood by adding sparkle as only Sarah can.

James Owner Restyle You

Mandy Joubert

Our MC, SARAH BAULING was, again, amazing. Sarah, thank you for volunteering your time and spending the morning with us. Sarah has a way of making everyone feel welcome and always has such interesting people to talk about from her own life experiences.Sarah has the ability to “think on the fly” and is able to improvise on the spot. THANK YOU Sarah.

Sharing is Caring Foundation (MC) – Ladies Breakfast

Crawford School (MC)

Sarah really worked to keep people on time the whole day and this was a major contribution to its success. Many people said that, because it ran on time, it was very successful. The content was well received and I was so grateful that Sarah was able to meet with me and discuss the processes and procedures that we needed. From my side, I was confident that she would be able to handle the day and knew exactly what was needed.

National Training Day

Colleen Larson

Just a quick note to thank you once again for MCing at our event on the 22nd. You brought energy to the event and made it the most successful evening for 2013. Sarah was available to assist on many levels, both in the plenary sessions and the breakaways. She was focussed on being helpful at every turn and was able to handle unexpected glitches, like the speaker arriving late.

Business Engage (MC and facilitator) – Hot Tables Networking Session

I loved the speakers and found your MC Sarah to be most refreshing. Keep well and
keep up the good work, will see you again at a future function. The MC was excellent and the motivational speakers brilliant, venue and food perfect. Compliments to the team at CSI for putting this together.Sarah most definitely Vibrant and Fun! Thank you for the event this morning. It was wonderful to listen to two remarkable speakers and Sarah

Conference Speakers International (MC) – Showcase


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