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Delivering a presentation with confidence and clarity;
one that moves your audience; shifts their thinking; promotes your product and allows
you to get your point across with ease. That is The Power on the Platform.”

People often think it is harder than it is, the truth is, with the tools and “know how” on hand, you are able to have confidence when presenting. I have consolidated my years of experience and areas of passion to create focussed training and keynote deliveries which have been presented to small and large audiences on a variety of stages and platforms.

Do you struggle with the following?

  • Do you struggle with confidence when having to deliver a presentation?

  • Perhaps you have a strong message to convey, but somehow struggle to get your point across.

  • Maybe you simply fear public speaking.

  • The Power on the Platform is a course designed to give you the tools needed to deliver presentations with confidence. Be it presenting to your stakeholders, training your staff, presenting value and sales propositions to your clients, this course will leave you with the ability to do so with ease.

The Power On the Platform training will leave you with:

  • Knowing how to prepare for your delivery and understanding why this preparation can make or break your presentation.

  • An understanding of how to prepare content that is organised, resonates with your audience, allows you to present with no / few notes.

  • How to address the “Call to Action” when delivering your presentation.

  • The toolkit on HOW to deliver – the HOW you say it!

  • Understand what is important in terms of what your audience SEES (both online and live presentations).

  • The use of visual aids. The pros and the cons. Both online and live.

  • The use of resources and equipment for online presentations.

  • Ensuring you are set up as an expert when delivering to groups particularly in the space of Sales and Value proposition presentations.

With the tools and techniques, you will be in a position to deliver a
Powerful presentation to anyone, anywhere, anytime with confidence giving you the opportunity
to set yourself up for success at every opportunity.

Power on the Platform Course Options:

Live Coaching Course (2 day course)

You will have the opportunity to develop your skill as well as learn from others through constructive feedback and discussion. These courses are currently on hold due to COVD19 and will resume once restrictions lift.

Online Live Coaching Course (8 x 90min sessions – this is run over a 2 week period – 4 days a week)

Join a group online where you will have the opportunity to develop your skill as well as learn from others through constructive feedback and discussion. Various dates and times available – please be in touch with me so we can secure your space on the next online live coaching course.

Company group coaching

Ideal for a company that has a team that requires upskilling in developing their teams speaking skills through “Power on the Platform” This can be conducted online or in person.

One on One coaching

Ideal if you are looking for exclusive coaching with Sarah on a “one on one” basis. This can be conducted online or in person. I am looking forward to working with you on giving YOU The Power On the Platform.