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“Invest in the Guest” is a keynote presentation that is about investing in crucial areas of your business which ultimately affect your clients overall experience.

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Geared specifically towards the hospitality industry "Invest in the Guest" is aimed at top management, executives as well as anyone who has a vested financial interest in your business.

Having been in the Hospitality industry since 1998 Sarah has certainly
walked the walk in terms of understanding what makes customers tick. Sarah understands the crucial areas of your business that can turn guests into loyal raving fans which ultimately creates success and profitability.

In this high energy presentation Sarah will draw on real life experiences and scenarios that most people are familiar with and can relate to and will illustrate:

  • What the most crucial areas of investment are within your business.

  • Why investing in crucial areas within in your business can be the “make or break” of creating loyal raving fans.

  • That investing and spending can ultimately increase turnover and profit.

By using simple yet effective techniques which can be implemented immediately you will leave with:

  • The inspiration and confidence to invest in areas within your business.

  • To be in a position where you can inspire your team and individuals within your business.

  • An understanding of the importance of investing in your business so that the client has the best, possible experience.

  • The confidence to invest in crucial areas that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

  • The knowledge that investing in specific areas will simply keep your customers coming back for more.

Length: 60 minutes