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“An Elevator Pitch is one that introduces you and your business to someone else.
Your Perfect Pitch is one that connects you to the right people at the right time.”

Have you ever had to introduce yourself to an individual or group of people and stumbled through your words?
Afterwards you think about all the things you would’ve, could’ve, should’ve said and realised you let a golden opportunity slip through your fingers?

The Perfect Pitch is a course designed to give you the tools needed to deliver Your Perfect Pitch with confidence.

The Perfect Pitch training will leave you with:

  • Understanding what an Elevator Pitch is.

  • Knowing the purpose of an Elevator Pitch.

  • The toolkit – the 7 foundational elements of The Perfect Pitch.

  • Knowing how to make The Perfect Pitch sizzle.

  • The preparation of what to expect after Your Perfect Pitch has been delivered.

  • How to deliver Your Perfect Pitch.

With the tools and techniques, you will be in a position to deliver Your Perfect Pitch to anyone, anywhere, anytime with confidence giving you the opportunity to connect with the right people at the right time. Once you master Your Perfect Pitch imagine the possibilities of being able to persuade and influence your audience.

If you could deliver the Perfect Pitch every time, what business opportunities would that open up for you?
I am looking forward to working with you on creating YOUR Perfect Pitch!

Online Live Coaching Course (4 x 1hr sessions)

Join a group online where you will have the opportunity to develop your skill as well as learn from others through constructive feedback and discussion. Various dates and times available – please be in touch with me so we can secure your space on the next online live coaching course.

Company group coaching

Ideal for a company that has a team that requires upskilling in creating The Perfect Pitch. This can be conducted online or in person.

One on One coaching

Ideal if you are looking for exclusive coaching with Sarah on a “one on one” basis. This can be conducted online or in person.

Online course

You can do this in your own time and at your own pace. Coming soon